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Custom Web Applications & Design

Multiple Technologies

The best technology in the get used in the best way possible.

AngularJS + Seed

AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.

Static HTML5 + Seed

A project based on jQuery and HTML5 with all the features ready to use. This version will simplify any integration with many other popular frameworks on the web.

Visual Studio MVC5 + Seed

MVC5 for Visual Studio 2013. Modular JavaScript and all assets bundle ready to use. Also featuring an Entity demo using the theme components.

Ruby on Rails + Seed

Modular JavaScript and SASS stylesheets. Developed to serve assets per controller, avoid bloating your views with unnecessary requests. Heroku ready!.

MeanJS Seed

A full-stack JavaScript solution that helps you build fast, robust and maintainable production web apps. It includes LESS, modular JavaScript and Swig templates.

Main projects also includes Sass version !

Custom Mobile Applications

Web-based applications for mobile to ensure they work on any device

Responsive Layouts

No matter the screen size, the content will always look amazing

Bootstrap UI based

Bootstrap heavy to ensure support on any device

Cross Platform

Android, iOS, Windows Phone, you name it

Lazy load Assets

Best of speed and style

UI Router States

Web application built using popular CDNs for maximum performance from anywhere on the globe

Great Build Tools

Every piece of code written with a fantastic IDE to ensure no mistakes, anywhere

Translation ready and RTL support

Say your website or mobile app needs to work with other languages that are written from right to left instead of right to left? Well we've got that taken care of, to make sure that your content will work with any language in any case.

Since mobile devices almost all support HTML5, you get browser based transitions for the smoothest animations ever, and even fallback to jQuery animations for older browsers.

These websites and apps are written with performance first, to make sure that no matter what the data speed of the user is, or the speed of the device, that the customer gets the best possible experience.

No shortcuts, and no laziness

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