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     How To Mod Your Gamerscore By Adding Achievements
     This is a very simple thing to mod and it is probobly one of the things that I should've created first. This is more of something that begginners should do first, just to get kind of the main idea of how modding works. Ok, so again, I'm assuming that you will be modding your gamerscore by using a USB drive. If you don't know how to do that, I recommend you read this tutorial first, "Getting Started With USB Drives." So now, your going to need your profile on your USB drive because that's where all of your achievement data is stored. You will need to download Profile Editor v2.0.2 and unzip the files to where ever. First you have to extract your profile from your USB drive to somewhere on your computer (I would put it on my desktop for now.)

Extract Your Profile

     Next you have to open up your your profile using Profile Editor v2.0.2.

Open Your Profile

     Once you open your profile, a list of all the games you have played before will show up on the left.

All Of Your Played Games On The Left

     If you click on one of the games, a new list on the right will show up, showing every achievement for that game, and if the achievement has been unlocked or still is locked. There's a button at the bottom that says "Unloack All (Offlline)."

A New List Of Achievements On The Right

     What that means is that it will set every achievement for that game to be unlocked, but what it does is that it sets them all to act as if they were unlocked offline. This will make it so that Microsoft can't really tell if your gamerscore was modded, because you can really unlock achievemnts offline. If you set one of the achievements to unlocked online, then Microsoft will now that you modded and they will reset your gamerscore to ZERO. I also suggest rearranging all the achievements to not make it so obvious that you hacked. And it's quite easy to tell if someone has already done this. If you go to someone's Xbox LIVE acount and compare your games, some of the achievements will just say "acquired" instead of showing the date that the achievement was earned. Example, go to my Xbox LIVE account and look at my gamerscore for Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts. If you scroll down to the bottom you'll see a bunch of "acquired" achievements.

Acquired Achievements

     When your done hackering, save your profile and close out of Profile Editor v2.0.2. Now the next step is very important and I cannot stresss this enough. YOU MUST REHASH AND RESIGN. If you don't know that means, read the The Basics or Bing it.

Rehash and Resign

     Once you've rehashed and resigned your profile, inject it back onto your USB drive. Now you have to make sure that your internet is unplugged from your Xbox or else your giving Microsoft another way to find out if you modded or not. Now wait like 30 seconds and check your achievements to see if they've updated. If your modded achievements have shown up, it's safe to connect to Xbox LIVE. Once your connected, your achievements will have updated on Xbox LIVE, so remember that you can't remove achievements. Another WARNING: You still CAN get caught doing this, and if you DO get caught, they WILL reset your gamerscore.

     (8/25/2010 7:29:36 PM) EDIT: PAY ATTENTION TO THIS!!! - If for some reason your profile does get corrupted doing this, you have to use the Xbox 360 Hash block Calculator instead of the rehash resigner. If you don't know how to do this, it is also in the basics section of how to mod things.

     So because of that, I am not responsible for anything that happens to your account or your Xbox. Additionally this entry is just for educational purposes, also to be aware that modding gamerscore is possible.

     Happy modding! (;
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 There are 7 comments
Stumpx like i posted on the basics page, after modding a PROFILE you have to use the hash block calcualtor
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Posted by Stumpx at 2:00:00 AM Wednesday, November 30th -0001

GOD WARRIOR it wont let me open the profile editor downloaded item
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Posted by GOD WARRIOR at 2:00:00 AM Wednesday, November 30th -0001

Stumpx yes it does
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Posted by Stumpx at 2:00:00 AM Wednesday, November 30th -0001

digitalelroy Is it not ill advised to edit achievements you can only receive via online/multiplayer as an "offline" achievement?
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Posted by digitalelroy at 7:33:39 PM Friday, January 4th 2013

Stumpx I modded a ton of achievements on my old account, but it has become banned, so that's up to you
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Posted by Stumpx at 8:28:36 PM Wednesday, January 9th 2013

argemma1 How do you extract your gamer profile from the usb to the computer to mod it? thanks
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Posted by argemma1 at 9:49:49 PM Thursday, April 4th 2013

Stumpx You have to find your profile in the tool to view files above. It will be under a folder with a bunch of Fs
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Posted by Stumpx at 10:23:50 PM Wednesday, April 17th 2013

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