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7/25/2010 12:27:33 PM

     USB Drives (memory keys, data sticks, data keys, flash drives, flash disks, thumb drives, and jump drives)
     I'm pretty sure everyone has a USB drive somewhere in their house or whatever you live in. If you don't have one, there's no point in reading this or buy one now on eBay. They're not expensive. Once you obtain a USB drive, make sure there is nothing on it that you don't want to lose. In the process of making your USB drive usable for the Xbox, it will be cleared of all data.

     It doesn't take very long to get your USB drive ready, which is a good thing :D So stick your drive in the front of your Xbox and let's get started!

      I've arranged pictures top go along with this tutorial to make this a little easier. Hokay, so, once you have your USB drive plugged into your xbox your gonna press the guide button (you're stupid if you don't know what that is) and go all the way top the right and press "System Settings."

Guide > Settings > System Settings

      After you do that you have to push down the left stick two times. Next, you press the A button. If you gt lost somewhere in there just press the button that says "Memory."

System Settings > Memory

     On the next step your gonna scroll down to where it says "USB Storage Device." If you have multiple USB drives plugged into your Xbox then make sure that you have the right one selected. Example: I have two USB drives in my Xbox, and one of them is already formatted. On my console I have 4 storage devices: my hard drive (which has almost no space left), the built in memory unit (my Xbox is an Arcade, so it came with that), a USB drive titled "StumpyINC" (which I use normally, it has all my data on it. I recommend using a USB drive to have all your data on it instead of your hard drive. It makes modding and moving your profile and stuff so much easier), and lastly, the ready-to-be-formatted USB drive.

Memory > USB Storage Device

     After you, the happy modder, select the correct USB storage device to be properly formatted by the Xbox, you shall (and will need to) press the configure now button! If it asks if you are sure you want to continue with the process, always say yes unless you have a second opinion about using your USB drive to mod things...

Configure now

     After the long process of configuring your USB drive, it's finally ready to be used. Now it's time to start moving files. You can do what I did with all of my files, which was transfer everything of mine to my USB drive. This makes it much easier to use your account on other Xboxes without the 10 minute long wait of recovering your profile. You can also use all your data right from the USB drive. For example, if I go to a friend's house I can use my profile (stumpy308, message me :D) AND I can use all my Halo 3 files, game saves, etc. Or you can just take the much longer route of modding with a USB drive by just transfering the file that you want to mod, to your USB drive. In the picture below I'm moving a film clip of me getting a 360 no scope on Ghost Town! :D

Configure now

     Ok, once you find the file you want to mod, just move or copy it from where ever to your USB drive.

Configure now

     Once you have the file you want on your USB drive, just take your USB drive out of your Xbox and plug it into your computer now. If you read the basics before you started doing this, you would know that you will need USBXTAFGUI to transfer the files off your USB drive to your computer. Once you have your USB drive in, open USBXTAFGUI and click on "File > Open Drive." Your USB drive should load pretty soon.

Open USD Drive

     After it's done loading, your gonna have to do a little searching. files aren't just saved onto your USB drive in little folders with real names. No, they make it much more complicated to find what your looking for when you mod. As you can see below, the files and folders are named mainly in hexidecimal form, which makes it easier for the Xbox to identify things. Sadly I can't really give you a list of which hex values are whichever game, because I'm pretty sure that they're all differnt, depending on the order of when the content was saved. But I can tell you that all the files that you are looking for will be under "Content." The next file you need to look for is your profile ID. Every Xbox account has a unique ID, depending on the GamerTag. Mine is "E00000E15A83EE92." Next you have to look for the folder of the game that the file that you want to mod is in. I looked for the Halo 3 file folder for the example file that I would be showing how to move to your computer. Once you find the right file (that might be a little difficult because the USB drive reading program doesn't have a "Date Modified" option for viewing the files.) After you do all that stuffs, just right-click on the file you want to mod and click extract.

Find File to Mod

     The next step is way easier than the last one. All you have to do is choose where to save your extracted file. I recommend saving your file to your desktop, that just seems to be the easiest way for me.


     So that's how you get files off of your Xbox. There are some other ways with transfer cables and such, but that costs some money and it's cheaper to just buy a 4 GB USB drive. There are some Microsoft brand USB drives made especially for the Xbox. They come in 8 GB and 16 GB and come with a free Gold Membership. But anyways, after you have your file on your desktop, or where ever, you can finally mod your file. But that's for a different tutorial coming soon. So um, yeah. moving the file back onto your USB drive is pretty easy. I have run out of pictures and don't really want to make more so here's how to use the file that you modded. when you go back over to USBXTAFGUI, you have to delete the original file that you modded. then right click any where on the right side of the program where it shows the files, and click "Inject." When the open file dialogue pops up (the window that says "Open file") just navigate to the file that you just modded and click "Ok." Wait till it's done transfering and then take out your USB drive and then put it back into your Xbox 360. Then you have to transfer the file off of your USB back to your hard drive or where ever. Or if you did what I did, then your done! Your file is ready to be used now. Just use the file as you normally would and you'll relize that your file has been changed to whatever you did to it.  Unless of course you did something wrong, then it's probobly corrupted. But enjoy!! Happy modding!

     PS: If your still a little lost on getting your USB drive setup for your Xbox, just check out the Xbox 360 Storage Support.

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Imxawsome77 how do i download the USBXTFAGUI
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Posted by Imxawsome77 at 10:40:10 AM Wednesday, August 10th 2011

Stumpx You just have to click on wherever it says "USBXTAFGUI" and it should start the download
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Posted by Stumpx at 8:36:59 AM Thursday, June 14th 2012

Imamonke so this is a replacement for modio? when i mod it still doesnt work. it always says that the file is curropt when i open it on my xbox. (P.S. modding fallout NV
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Posted by Imamonke at 4:11:43 PM Saturday, February 9th 2013

Stumpx After modding recently, I've come to realize that Modio is far better for modding, and you need to make sure you rehash and resign properly or it will be corupt
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Posted by Stumpx at 10:55:58 PM Sunday, February 10th 2013

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